About Us

MERIS was established in 1992. So far MERIS has developed, grown and professionally advanced to achieve the leading position in the measuring equipment market of Serbia, and has also assembled a well-organized team, a true agent for the foreign companies that they can trust, and a reliable partner that sticks to its agreements while guaranteeing equipment value, complete services and repairs.

Company profile

With over twenty years of experience in the field of industrial automation applications, processing of drinking and waste water, regulation and the automation of technological processes, the company MERIS Ltd. has positioned itself as a market leader. Standardizing their work processes, bringing young and ambitious members to the team managed by some of the best engineers in their areas of expertise, MERIS has created a strong base of knowledge and professional experience.In order to create solutions to meet customers’ needs and goals, MERIS applies world-known technology, services and advice, always bearing in mind primarily the business successes of the customers, optimizing their resources and saving their money and energy. MERIS has earned the trust of a large number of customers. The MERIS team builds partnerships with its customers, optimizing their processes and improving their results.


Constant increase in the number of customers and representatives, as well as the expansion of services and products is the result of professional, satisfied and ambitious people who advance both on a business and personal level. MERIS is becoming a regional leader that is always one step ahead, ensuring that customer satisfaction is the basis and precondition for successful existence in the market.


MERIS, as a socially responsible company and a reliable partner, enables its customers to develop their production processes in accordance with the latest technological solutions. Thereby MERIS promotes the increase of profit, energy efficiency, environmental protection, improving the quality of its customers’ businesses, creating conditions for good quality people to remain in the country.


  • Devoted to the customer
  • Continuous improvement
  • Team work
  • Reliability


MERIS provides services to customers throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Republic of Srpska.
Industries in which we operate: Energy, petrochemicals, refineries, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, pulp and paper, cement, primaries, treatment of drinking and waste water.

Our Team

The organization is made up of people, serious intellectuals, people with an abundance of spirit and energy, whose knowledge and dedication are woven into the successes of the company MERIS, in projects that comprise business accomplishments of the company.
The MERIS team consists of 18 professionals with university degrees, three with college degrees and two employees with secondary education. This profile speaks for itself. Teamwork, transfer of knowledge and experience, the unique combination of foresight and professionalism are the foundation of continuous development and MERIS strives to go further and to always be better.

Sustainable development and social responsibility

MERIS has recognized that the concept of community and respect for the natural environment in which it operates presents an important factor for the continuity of business success. Also, the attitude of the company is that economic growth and positive financial performance are the key factors that enable companies to provide their contribution to society, ensuring sustainable development.
The most important megatrends of our time, which would normally have the greatest impact on the automation of industrial processes, are: the need for energy and water. This is why MERIS, when it comes to resources, offers its customers solutions that preserve the most precious resources on Earth.
There are further goals based on the principles of sustainable development that MERIS strives to achieve in order to improve business. The highest priority goals: maintain a high quality of products, services and activities, in regard to customers, suppliers, principals, and neighbors.

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