• Plant Safety, product quality, process optimization and environmental protection are key factors of each measuring device.
  • Applicable in all fields from processing and chemical industry, food and pharmaceuticals, where the sanitary conditions are of the highest importance, to energy and petroleum industries that require robust and reliable devices, which are able to withstand extreme conditions.
  • Continuous investment in research and development enables new instruments to be easily integrated into modern automation systems.
  • 60 years of experience in the field of flow measurement.
  • Large variety of measurement techniques and equipment for all types of applications.
  • All devices are tested and certified.

Inductive flowmeters

  • Electromagnetic flowmeters fluid which operate on the principle of induction electromotive force.
  • The ideal solution for conductive fluids.
  • Control and monitoring of product quality, dosage.
  • High accuracy class 0.5%, and higher
  • Nominal diameters: DN4 … DN2000
  • Process temperature: -20 … + 80 ° C
  • Nominal pressure: PN10 … PN40
  • Endress + Hauser is a global leader in the production and sales of inductive flowmeters fluid in the world.
  • The ideal ratio of quality, reliability – price.

Mass (Corioliss) flowmeters

  • High precision, superior design, small measuring increments, easy to install.
  • Minimal maintenance, high resistance to vibrations in the installation and other influences.
  • Fit-and-forget concept.
  • Compact and reliable measurement.
  • Control and monitoring of the quality of the product.
  • The units measure several parameters simultaneously: mass flow, volume flow, density, concentration, viscosity and temperature.
  • All devices are tested and certified.

Vortex (Vortex) flowmeters

  • Universally applicable and economical solution for flow measurement of gas, steam and liquids.
  • Vortex flowmeters are mostly used in applications for measuring the flow of steam, gas (air) and non-conductive liquid.
  • Suitable for applications with high temperatures and high pressures and velocities.
  • High resistance to temperature-shocks, hydraulic shock and vibration of pipeline.
  • Minimal maintenance and high precision measurement.
  • Fit-and-forget concept.

Thermal flowmeters

  • Cost-effective solution for measuring the flow of gas.
  • Indication of the flow of gases and liquids.
  • Easy to install.
  • Proven flowmeters for industrial gases such as air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, natural or biogas.
  • Adjustable measuring range (100:1).
  • Low-pressure drop (less than 2 mbar) and calibrated precision devices of + / -2% of the measured value.
  • Each device is tested and certified.

Orifice and pitot tube

  • Universal way for accurate flow measurement of gases, vapors and liquids.
  • The differential pressure is proportional to a square of volume or mass flow.
  • Compact and modular versions of the device are available, and an integral part of the measurement is a differential pressure transmitter.
  • Can be used in extreme conditions, as well as for large diameter pipelines.

Ultrasonic flowmeters

  • Non-contact flow measurement.
  • Based on the new concept combined with proven sensor technology transmitters.
  • Ultrasonic flow measurement is used when the use of invasive installation methods is not allowed, usually in large diameter pipes.
  • Operate on the principle of measuring the speed of response of ultrasonic waves.
  • Portable version of the device is available.
  • Flexibility of installation, economy and safety of the process.
  • Proven method of flow measurement in hazardous areas

Flowmeters in open channels

  • For the flow measurement of sewage and waste water treatment plants, profiled channels and flumes are most commonly used.
  • Corrugated channels, narrowing and flumes are used in conjunction with ultrasonic sensors.
  • Linearization is achieved by conversion of height values ​​in the flow.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of profiled channels, narrowing and flumes is required from time to time.