Temperature monitoring in silos

Temperature monitoring

Equipment for measuring and monitoring temperature data is foreseen for heavy-duty work in silos and flat storage, where large amounts of stress, with the possibility of phased construction.

Temperature sensors are located on the suspension cables made of steel wires and are PVC coated.

Control system includes mini-address boards for temperature signal inputs from up to 9 sensors, installed in suspension box on the top of the silo. All address boards are inter-connected by 4-wire bus cable, for power supply and RS485 communication.

Centralized supervision unit is a standard PC, where all measured dates have been recorded, calculated and analyzed for each temperature sensor apart.

All temperature alarms can be adjusted individually as well as for a group of sensors. All information is stored on hard disk drive and can be printed at any time.

  • IEC 801-2 Static discharge immunity
  • IEC 801-3 High frequency immunity
  • IEC 801-4 Burst transient, applied to main and signal wires
  • IEC 801-5 High energy transients (lightings)
  • DS Main voltage variations and drop outs
  • CISPR 22 Noise signals, distributed by main and signal cables
  • CISPR 22 High frequency emission