Liquid analysis

  • pH
  • ORP
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Total chlorine, Free chlorine and chlorine dioxide
  • Turbidity
  • Nutrients
  • Analyzers

Wide range of sensors, assemblies and transmitters for various applications. Devices are designed for maximum fulfillment of customer needs regarding reliable measuring, processing, indicating and self-diagnostic functions.

pH / ORP measurement

Automatic pH measuring points reduce the running costs and maintenance costs to a minimum. This makes a significant difference especially in demanding applications, such as in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to various degrees of automation, a suitable automatic measuring system can be found for each process.
Endress+Hauser offers a wide range of special pH sensors for various purposes which are characterized by optimum cleanability, a high number of CIP and SIP cycles and the possibility of autoclaving.
Memosens systems make the electrode a digital sensor with integrated data storage. All relevant calibration and operation data are saved in the sensor. Memosens – the first non-contact measured value transmission from the sensor to the transmitter.

Conductivity measurement

Systems for electrical conductivity measurement in liquids and for concentration measurement of acids and alkalis.
Endress+Hauser offers a whole portfolio of conductive and inductive conductivity sensors, optimized for certain applications. This affects the range of process connections tailored for the industry, the choice of wetted materials as well as the layout with regard to temperature peaks during sterilization.
Application in all industry branches: water and wastewater treatment plants, chemical, pharmaceutical, process and foodstuff industry, power plants.

Dissolved oxygen measurement

Endress+Hauser’s dissolved oxygen sensors – a solution for every industry. The range spans from controlling aeration of activated sludge basins and trace oxygen measurements in boiler feed water, up to fermentation control in food processing.
Dissolved oxygen sensors from Endress+Hauser are designed both for use in channels and basins as well as for installation in pipes and tanks. The wide range of assemblies offers safely position the sensor at the place of application. The offering includes immersion, flow and retractable assemblies.

Turbidity – Suspended solids measurement

Turbidity sensors of Endress+Hauser cover a wide range of applications. The product portfolio includes sensors based on the 4-beam alternating light method, working with absorption, 90° scattered light or 135° backscattered light, depending on the measuring range.
A wide range of assemblies place the sensor safely in the process. The offering includes immersion, flow and retractable assemblies.
In addition to online process monitoring, the product range also includes devices for laboratory use and for field use.

Chlorine measurement

For over twenty years Endress+Hauser has been producing chlorine sensors. Apart from the sensor for free available chlorine, the chlorine dioxide sensor and a total chlorine sensor are available. The sensors work based on the amperometric principle.
Disinfection sensors from Endress+Hauser are designed for use in flow cells or depending on the application as immersion sensors. By means of the universal flow assembly a complete measuring point including pH, flow control and the process adaption can be realized.

Colorimetric analyzer – Metals / other indicators

Compact photometric analysis system for the measurement of

  • Aluminijum
  • ammonia
  • chlorine
  • chromate
  • cooper
  • iron
  • total hardness
  • hydrazine
  • manganese
  • nitrite
  • phosphate
  • silicate

Sludge level measurement

Sludge level sensors of Endress+Hauser allow an economic and efficient control of sedimentation processes in water purification and wastewater treatment. Furthermore, they are deployed in the mining and chemical industry for managing static separation processes.
The 4-beam alternating light technology compensates for aging and fouling of optical components and, therefore, increases process safety.
Ultrasonic immersion sensor for interface measurement and continuously monitoring of separation and transition zones of the clarification and settling phases.

Water samplers

Stationary and portable water samplers. Automatic measurement stations with integrated water sampler for continuous monitoring of on-line parameters in liquid media.

Nutrients and Sum parameters

  • Ammonium
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • Phosphate
  • Phosphorus
  • BOD
  • BODeq
  • COD
  • CODeq
  • SAC
  • TOC
  • TOCeq
  • SAC
  • Total Solids
  • Sludge Volume