Pumps and mixers

Flygt potapajuće pumpe

Submersible motor technology carried to perfection XYLEM – FLYGT specializes in submersible fluid technology.

Modular design and wet-well installation characterize its product concept.
A compact unit comprised of a a hydraulic section and drive section with a common shaft, works completely submerged in the liquid to be pumped or mixed.

The principle of the submersible motor units offers the following advantages:

  • reduced construction costs for stationary installation, underground installation without any risk of damage due to flooding.
  • portability and easy handling for moving between sites.
  • simpler installation.

Submersible motor units have proved themselves for decades in various applications. Steady improvements and the high quality of the encapsulation and the mechanical seals for the submersible motors have resulted in substantial progress and have opened up new applications for Flygt submersible technology.

These new areas of application include:

  • submersible mixers for installation inside tanks, process vessels, silos, etc.
  • low-speed propeller mixers for generating a horizontal flow with self-cleaning propeller blades.
  • high capacity, vertical submersible propeller pumps.
  • non-clogging single-channel impellers for sewage handling.
  • cutting impellers for pumping liquids containing long-fibred material.
Flygt Experior

Flygt Experior

Flygt Experior is a new concept offering complete solution for pumping which includes unique Flygt solutions that enables up to 50% exploitation savings:

  • N adaptive impeller: axially movable impeller along with rotary motion. Innovative technology was awarded by the “Innovative Technology Award from the WEF, Water Environment Federation”.
  • Premium Ef. Motors which Flygt included in their production program are used. Benefits of the efficient Flygt premium motors: according to the international standard, motors’ lower temperature extends its duration; motors are optimized for the waste water pumping.
  • SmartRun unit for pump optimization. The software incorporated in this unit is the product based on extended experience of Flygt engineers and very simple for the usage and settings.

Benefiti Flygt Experior

  • Most reliable system for the waste water pumping,
  • Pumps that save up to 50% of energy,
  • SmartRun controllers simple for usage,
  • Motors up to 4% more efficient than standard ones,
  • Unique supplier for optimal pumping solution.

Case study: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M7NTfBhG-Y&feature=youtu.be

Potapajuće pumpe

N-adaptive technology

Patented and innovative N-adaptive technology comprises an optimized multi-vane impeller designed to achieve maximum hydraulic efficiency.
The unique axial movement will improve the self cleaning ability and increase the reliability of the pump.
Ultimately ít will lower the total cost of ownership since it will reduce the unplanned maintenance!

The N-impeller has backswept horizontal leading edges that, together with the guide pin and relief groove on the insert ring, comprise a self-cleaning mechanism.

Flygt N-technology enables you to tailor your hydraulics to meet the requirements of virtually any application.
Choose the standard cast -iron version for typical wastewater applications, hardened cast-iron version – hardened edges on the impeller
– the Hard-Iron™ version- for abrasive and stainless steel version for corrosive applications and the chopper ring version for cutting long fibers or solids in wastewater.
Whatever you choose, you never sacrifice pump efficiency – and you can easily switch the module if the operating conditions change.

Godwin, a Xylem Brand, pumps

Godwin, a Xylem brand, offers a broad product line of fully automatic self-priming pumps used in temporary and permanent applications.
With a full range of diesel and electric pumps, Godwin, a Xylem Brand, pumps are used for dewatering and liquids transfer in mining, construction, municipal and industrial projects around the world.
Dizel engines are pruduced by renowned manufacturer Perkins and CAT, and all pumps can be delivered mounted on trailers for faster and easier transport .

Types of Godwin pumps:

  • CD series pumps
  • Flow rates from 80-3500 m3/h
  • Capability of handling solids up to 125 mm in diameter
  • Head from 32 to 65 m
  • HL series pumps
  • Flow rates from 107-1200 m3/h
  • Capability of handling solids up to 65 mm in diameter
  • Head from 100 to 160 m
  • NC series pumps with N impeller
  • Flow rates from 0-360 m3/h
  • Non-clog performance enables flow of fibrous stringy material and other sewage waste
  • Head from 38 to 52 m
  • Heidra submersible pumps with vortex impeller
  • Flow rates from 80-1368 m3/h
  • Capability of handling solids up to 125 mm in diameter
  • Head from 25 to 140 m
  • VAC Prime serija pumpi (light, compact and easy to move)
  • Flow rates from 100-374 m3/h
  • Capability of handling solids up to 45-75 mm in diameter
  • Head from 11 to 25 m

Besides pumps, Godwin, a Xylem Brand, offers wide range of accessories, from suction strainer, suction and discharge hoses of different diameters and sizes, various types of coupling systems and control panels.