Ten flood control pumps produced by the English manufacturer Godwin (member of Xylem) were delivered to the Republican Directorate for Commodity Reserves at the end of December 2015.

These pumps with the significant flow capacity max. Qmax=1150m3/h, engine power P=103.5kW, will enable emergency units of the Republic of Serbia fast, efficient and flexible flood protection on the whole territory of Serbia, where the need arises.

Pumps are mobile and mounted on trailers. Trailers have been specially designed for this purpose and were produced in the Serbian factory Goša F.S.O. The weight of each pump with the trailer is approx. 5.5 T.

We are more than pleased with this projects’ realization because MERIS properly demonstrated its capacities and experience, combining it with the state of art foreign equipment (Godwin) and local knowledge (Goša F.S.O.)”, said Zoran Dželatović, General Manager.