During the visit, organized by the company MERIS on March 22nd of this year, more than thirty designers from Serbia had the opportunity to tour the plant for wastewater treatment operated by ICEAS technology in Mako, near Szeged (Hungary).

The plant visit was organized in cooperation with the company Sanitaire, which operates under the Xylem group. Customers, potential users of the system, visited the plant and gained insight into its performance. Mr. Magnus Hallberg (Flygt) gave a presentation on the ICEAS technology. Chief technologist of the plant, Mr. Tamas Golde, presented his ten years of experience working on this plant, with reference to the EU regulations for wastewater treatment.

The aim of the visit was to provide a detailed introduction to ICEAS technology that is being used increasingly worldwide. The use of ICEAS technology in exploitation achieves savings in electricity consumption between 5-10%, while also saving in the costs of land and construction costs, since it uses less land area compared to other technologies.