Xylem introduces Flygt Concertor, a breakthrough in wastewater pumping – the world’s first pumping system with integrated intelligence.

Concertor combines a fully integrated control system with IE4 motor efficiency, our patented Adapted N-hydraulics and clog detection, making it easier to start up and operate, as well as allowing better regulation of the process itself and considerable cost savings.

Using a combination of advanced software functions and state-of-the-art hardware, Concertor senses the operating conditions of its environment and adapts the pumping performance in real time.

Due to its compact, integrated design, Concertor eliminates the need for traditional components in the cabinet such as motor protection, soft starters, variable frequency drives and climate control equipment.
This gives you full process control functionality with a cabinet that can be up to half the size of traditional one as well as up to half of the investment costs.

With Concertor, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%, compared to conventional pumps and control systems. The combination of advanced software and hardware functions allow for automatic self-optimization to assure the lowest possible energy consumption.

While all Flygt pumps minimize clogging, using adaptive N-technology, Concertor offers an even higher level of clog-free operation of up to 80% compared to standard pumps. It reduces need for vacuum cleaning and it can be used to clean wet wells.

All this makes the Concertor a perfect solution for your application.